Lost Treasures

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The Lost Treasures is a temporary event launched by the game Administrators.

It is a game similar to the well-known, previously organized, Treasure Islands. Instead of islands, the player explores the lost mines.

Different games are triggered during the event depending on the year:

Goal of the game

Rumour has it that a century ago, a local blast furnace worker began to hear a voice coming from the great crucible. It told him of an incredible treasure hidden in the belly of the Earth. While all his colleagues thought he had lost his mind to the smelting fumes, the worker pursued his quest. He later became known as the Hermit, and some believe he buried his treasure in the Lost Mines. You are about to leave the face of the Earth to seek him out!

Dig your way through the Lost Mines, find the 4 keys to open the Hermit's chest, and... dig up that bloody chest! Explore and obtain, using your acquired sesterces, the several parts of a new outfit, an exclusive pet, gold, and gems, as well as a lot of other surprises...


How to obtain the exploration points?

The exploration points (ExplorationPointLostTreasure.png) can be obtained:

  • when buying them directly for 60 gems (Tokens.png) each via the game page or Premium Access
  • as a bonus for the purchase of every 100 gems (Tokens.png) via Premium Access
  • when eating the cassava root
  • by entering the redeem code: (2023)


How to play?

To play the Lost Treasures minigame, you need to:

  • click on the picture on the bottom right of the interface
  • use exploration points (ExplorationPointLostTreasure.png) to explore mines' plots


Mine plots

The mines are divided into plots. Exploring a plot costs one exploration point. Every time you explore a plot, you can make discoveries, some of which will make your eyes sparkle.

It is only possible to explore plots adjacent to an already explored plot.

Plots Effects
IaTRegle01.png The compass gives an indication of the main treasure's location to the player from the center of the island.
IaTRegle02.png The camp grants the player 3 exploration points.
IaTRegle03.png The pounds plot grants the character 300 pounds.
IaTRegle04.png The sesterces plot grants the character 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 sesterces.
IaTRegle05.png The gems plot grants the character 150, 200 or 2000 gems.
IaTRegle06.png The cassava root plot grants the character one cassava root.
IaTRegle07.png The item plot grants the character one or several items, including a ball of wool, a bushel of salt, an interesting stone, etc.
IaTRegle08.png The rescue kit allows you to save a character who previously fell into a hole.
IaTRegle09.png The main treasure gives the character, according to the mine:
IaTRegle10.png The additional treasure gives the character, according to the mine (from 2 to 5):
IaTRegle11.png The hole blocks you from playing until another player saves you or you buy a rope at the Mine foreman's shop.



Mines of the Lost Treasures: Antra Antiqua are known as:

  • Water Lily Mine
  • Tortured Peaks Mine
  • Petrified Ice Mine
  • Fumaroles Mine
  • Twisted Grovs Mine
  • Unstable Mine (replayable)

Each mine has a main treasure buried in it, and sometimes you will find another very attractive hidden treasure. Once you have found a key and opened the main treasure, you can switch mines or continue exploring the one you are in and get to the next one later.


The keys to open the main treasures are known as:

  • the iron key
  • the lead key
  • the steel key
  • the brass key

These keys will open the Hermit's four-lock chest found when exploring the fifth mine. Once you have discovered the Hermit's chest and explored the six mines, you can continue to explore other underground mines that no cartographer has been able to tally.




Several trophies can be won by playing the Lost Treasures:

  • Exploration Addict