Taurine Sanctuary

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The Taurine Sanctuary or the Sanctuary of Seleucos is on the node no. 2482

It is located 17 nodes from north-east of the village of Alexandria.
It is on the way of the Osmanlı İmparatorluğu or the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

It houses:

  • huts
  • nearby campfires
  • the cave dweller's palace
  • the rocky outcrop
  • a harbor



There are inhabitants in the huts. They are filthy and they smell bad but they have things to sell your character:


Nearby campfires

Your character can establish and/or sit around a campfire.


Cave dweller's palace

An old man with a stony look is sitting in the cave dweller's palace. He isn't waiting for you and you can only leave quickly.

He gave Lysiane and her company "Les Vadrouilleurs" the Seleucus treasure and 10.000 pounds (quest of the Bulls of Seleucus).


Rocky outcrop

After successfully climbing the rocky outcrop, your character can:

  • contemplate the landscape and descend
  • build up momentum and leap into the void
  • look through the lens




The Taurine Sanctuary is by the lay of the land and the position of this bay:

  • a natural port where ships can dock here, but do so at their own risk.
  • too small to build upon.