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The cog is:

Daily movement points per crew
No crew (captain only) TBD
1 crew TBD
2 crew TBD
3 crew TBD
4 crew TBD
Note: crew must accept yesterday (before reset) to count today

It can only be made in villages or nodes with a commercial port overlooking mainly the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean:

  • Ireland
  • Kingdom of England
  • Kingdom of Scotland
  • Kingdom of France:
    • Archduchy of Anjou
    • Counties of Flanders, Poitou and Toulouse
    • Duchies of Bourbonnais-Auvergne, Burgundy, Champagne, Gascony, Guyenne, Lyonnais-Dauphiné, Normandy, Orléans and Touraine
    • Grand Duchy of Brittany
    • Principality of Artois
  • Kingdom of Poland
  • Kingdom of Portugal
  • Holy Roman Empire:
    • Archduchy of Österreich
    • Burgraviate of Nürnberg
    • Duchies of Baden, Bayern, Lorraine, Savoy and Steiermark
    • Counties of Ausburg, Celje, Holland and Württemberg
    • Swiss Confederation
    • Franche-Comté
    • Margraviate of Baden
    • Principality of Mainz
  • Republic of Novgorod
  • Kalmar Union (Denmark, Sweden, Finland)

It can be sold or bought between 400.00 and 50,000.00 pounds.


  • The cog can also navigate the rivers but with less ease than a barge.
  • Details of how to repair a health point are given in the dry docks.

Cog produced 1
Building Site
Pounds necessary 1500
Carpenters necessary 10
Bushels of wood necessary 400
Mast construction
Workers necessary 5
Mast necessary 1
Rigging and Finishing
Workers necessary 2
Large sail necessary 1
Military set up
/ /