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You, the player, have a past, a life behind you that you cannot change, a character forged by your lived experiences.

Your character has all of this too. Only when you create an account, and therefore a character, on the Renaissance Kingdoms, your character has the physique of an adult, so that you will never make him live his [ [birth]] and his childhood. This is where the background comes in.

The background is a description of your character in which you indicate absolutely everything you want other players to know about him. It can be visible in the character sheet and you can write it in the "RP description of your character" part of the "My character" tab of the "Me" page (button just below the image of the character on the page).

Here is a non-exhaustive panel of everything you can tell about it:

  • Place and date of birth
  • Name of parents and other family members
  • Important events taking place in his past
  • His character traits
  • Etc ...

All this will obviously not be contested by other players unless of course you use the names of characters that do exist in the game, in which case it is worth better to have the agreement of the players who run these characters.

Likewise, this information being available on the character sheet, only players can know about it, their characters can in no case be aware of what is written there. ! Indeed, unless you indicate in this file that the character permanently carries a sign giving him all this information (which seems unlikely to say the least) then no character can know this information . The only way for your character to learn about another is to have spoken to him in tavern or on the forum, or even to have had an exchange of mail with him.