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The profile is accessible via:

The profile tab is divided into 4 parts:


At the top of the profile page, you can see many information. Some of them are part of the Role Play (RP) and some are not (Out-of-Character aka OOC).

  • Always on display:
    • character's name
    • character's creation date
    • most recent login date (and login hour, if you are in the player's friends list)
    • the list of the five last players who gave a trust point
  • Always on display if existing the:
    • marriage of the character
    • clan of the character and rank in it
    • sponsor of the player
    • character is retreated, set aside or about to be eradicated
    • other characters played by the player
  • Displayed if:
    • the player allowed it:
      • link to the forum 1 profile
      • link to the forum 2 profile
    • the player filled it:
      • the age of the character
      • the birth date of the character

Role Play (RP) profile

On this part of the profile page, you can write the story of your character or other related character's information. Some players use it as some sort of journal for their character, others only write relevant information such as their character's appearance. Either way, it's up to you to make the distinction between what your character can know and what is only intended to satisfy the player's curiosity!

Out-of-Character (OOC) Profile

In this section, you can write whatever you like, as long as you respect the rules of Renaissance Kingdoms as well as the law of your country. Some players don't fill this part, others talk about them, and some even use it as a kind of notepad to keep track of things they don't want to forget about their character's life.

Edit Button

When looking at your own character sheet, you can see the Edit button : EditButton.png
As the name suggests, it gives you access to modify this section of the page, whether it's filling in the RP or OOC sections, or checking your display preferences.