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Info button image.png Paintbrush.png Mixted object. A paintbrush with squirrel hair, to let your imagination run wild on large frescoes, or to tag town hall signs. Produced by a carpenter. Bonus when equipped in the wardrobe: Mood +5. If the virtuous inclination is Pleasure, then the bonus becomes: Mood +10 - does not allow the maximum limit of the gauge to be exceeded

The paintbrush is:

It provides:

It can be sold or bought on the market of town between 50.00 and 500.95 pounds.

It has a weight of 2 in the inventory, but a weight of 0 when in the wardrobe.

It can be found on the wardrobe's slot VI.b.: Right hand.


  • Details of how it is made can be found in the carpenter's shop.
  • As soon as it is used from the inventory: it will be permanently transferred to the wardrobe.
  • Its bonus starts as soon as it is worn by your character on its character sheet.
  • If your character's virtue is Pleasure, then the bonus is doubled without exceeding the maximum limit of 255 points.