Non-playable character

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Any player can create a non-playable character, also referred to as an NPC, through the "Managing my family" interface within the Family section of the character profile page. An NPC can have the following ties to your character:

It's important to note that the marital family tie can only be established through the marriage of two characters played by players.

Players have the freedom to create as many NPCs as they want, but each character can have a maximum of 15 children, whether they are playable or non-playable.

Every NPC is distinguished by a unique ID, which only its creator knows and can disclose. It is through this ID that other players can request approval to link your NPC to their characters, thus creating shared family ties.

While the creation of family ties between NPCs and the other players' characters is based on mutual agreement, the deletion of the NPCand the associated family ties can be carried out unilaterally by the NPC's creator.

Note, out of this context, a non-playable character can represent any character, not exclusively a family member. Therefore, you have the flexibility to create an NPC to bring any character to life within the game, even if they're not a family member.