Improve one of your skills

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Improving one of your scholastic skills (self studying) takes 10 or 22 hours, and is possible for any skill (except languages) which you have already unlocked on your scholastic skills record (even if you only have 0%). It is impossible to work elsewhere at the same time. Furthermore, it costs 2.50 pounds for 10 hours and 5.00 pounds for 22 hours.

To do this you have to:

  • Go to the university (accessible from the Bailiwick)
  • Click on the link "You can work here"
  • Click on the link "Improve one of your skills"
  • Choose the scholastic skill that you want to improve
  • Click on the "Work" button

Skill gains:

It is possible to get a bonus of:

The higher the intelligence points, the more intelligence bonus you receive. 0 points provides no bonus, and 255 points provides the maximum bonus; between the two the bonus is attributed proportionally.

  • A character with 255 intelligence points gains a 20% bonus in the knowledge obtained in a skill when studying (self studying or taking a lesson). E.g. 10% becomes 12%.