Ewe's milk cheese

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Info button image.png EwesMilkCheese.png Hunger: +1, Intelligence: +1 - Luxurious food consumable from level VII. Produced by a cheese maker.

Ewe's milk cheese is:

It provides:

It can be sold or bought on the village market between 20.00 and 100.95 pounds.

It has a weight of 5.

It can only be produced in the following villages:

  • Balikesir (Karesi Sancağı - Osmanlı İmparatorluğu)
  • Câmpulung (Principat de Valahia)
  • Edirne (Edirne Sancağı - Osmanlı İmparatorluğu)
  • Espalion (Comté de Rouergue)
  • Évora (Condado de Lisboa)
  • Ezine (Karesi Sancağı - Osmanlı İmparatorluğu)
  • Guarda (Condado de Coimbra)
  • Jaca (Reino de Aragón)
  • Lourdes (Comté de Béarn)
  • Mauléon (Comté de Béarn)
  • Millau (Comté de Rouergue)
  • Nowy Sącz (Księstwo krakowskie - Krolestwo Polskie)
  • Nowy Targ (Księstwo krakowskie - Krolestwo Polskie)
  • Rodez (Comté de Rouergue)
  • Sessa Aurunca (Provincia di Terra di Lavoro - Regno delle Due Sicilie)
  • Villefranche-de-Rouergue (Comté de Rouergue)
  • Viseu (Condado de Coimbra)
  • Ловеч (Царство България (Османска империя))
  • Велико Търново (Царство България (Османска империя))


  • It is only useful for the middle class to complete the mission of their consumption card.
  • It only provides characteristic points once the consumption card has been completed.
  • The details of its production are given in the cheese dairy