The Nicomachean Ethics: V - Justice

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The Nicomachean Ethics: V - Justice, written by Aristotle, is a book that can be found in the library of some counties and duchies.


To benefit from its effects when reading it, you need:


No bonuses are given when reading it.

Idea passed on

No ideas are conveyed when it is read.

Scholastic skill learnt

When reading it:

  • If your character does not yet possess the skill "Justice", then they get it at 0% and can continue to study it on their own or by taking lessons.
  • If your character already has the skill of "Justice", then it goes straight to 50%.

There is no point in reading it if this scholastic skill is already at least 50%.

It is impossible to exceed 20% in the skill of "Justice" by studying alone or by taking lessons if one has not read this book.


  • Comté d'Armagnac et de Comminges
  • Comté d'Artois
  • Comté de Flandres
  • Comté du Maine
  • Comté du Poitou
  • Comté de Rouergue
  • Condado de Barcelona
  • Condado de Coimbra
  • Condado de Lisboa
  • County of Galloway
  • County of Glasgow
  • Ducato di Modena
  • Duché d'Orléans
  • Duché du Berry
  • Duché de Guyenne
  • Duché du Lyonnais Dauphiné
  • Duché de Savoie
  • Franche-Comté
  • Graafschap Holland
  • Herzogtum von Bayern
  • Herzogtum Steiermark
  • Karesi Sancağı
  • Ksiestwo Wielkopolskie
  • Laighean
  • Mercia
  • Principado de Cataluña
  • Principat de Valahia
  • Repubblica di Genova
  • Saruhan Sancağı
  • Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia
  • България (Tsartsvo Bulgaria)
  • Westmoreland