Map of the 7 Provinces

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The Map of the 7 Provinces is a side event, launched from time to time by the Administrators, together with the 7 Provinces Game.


  • 2018, 2019, 2021, 2023

Goal of the Game

Reveal the great Map of the 7 Provinces, by collecting, exchanging, and combining cards to obtain rewards.

How to play?

7 provinces Map.png

In the fifth tab of the game, "Map of the 7 Provinces", you can see the progress of revealing the great Map of the 7 Provinces.

To progress, you must click on the second tab of the 7 Provinces Game, "My cards," and combine the cards you own. There are 18 different cards, which you can own in multiple copies.

To validate a combination of cards, you should:

  • select several cards to make up a combination,
  • check the rewards to be obtained with this combination (displayed automatically),
  • click the button "Validate my combination" to receive the relevant rewards.


  • Rewards can be obtained only once: when you pass the step.



Step Requirement Rewards (2023)
1 1 completed province 1 Craftsman's headband, 1 How To Guide: Archipendulum
2 2 completed provinces 100 pounds, 1 How To Guide: Vintage bottle from 1471
3 3 completed provinces 150 gems, 1 Craftsman's shoes, 1 How To Guide: Paintbrush
4 4 completed provinces 1 Craftsman's apron, 1 Craftsman's patched bottom, 1 How To Guide: Vase of Nicaea, 1 How To Guide: Half-moon knife
5 5 completed provinces 1 Craftsman's ragged top, 1 How To Guide: Distaff, 1 How To Guide: Hand mirror
6 6 completed provinces 1000 pounds
7 7 completed provinces 500 gems