Poème de Humpty.numpty (1464)

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IGdescription2.png Poeme.png Poème publié lors de la Saint-Valentin 2016 disponible dans l'accès Premium.

Le poème de Humpty.numpty (1464) est :

Il peut être vendu ou acheté au marché du village entre 50,00 et 500,95 écus.
Il peut aussi être acheté via l'accès premium contre 100 gemmes

Il représente un encombrement de 1.

Remarque :

  • Quand vous l'utilisez, son texte s'affiche dans une pop-up. Il reste bien évidemment dans l'inventaire de votre personnage après sa lecture.


This Valentines morning I awoke and thought I was sleeping next to a wooly yak
confused and tried to think back!

Not much came to me about the night before
Drunken memories of wildly dancing on the dance floor

or in the street? Or in Church? or in the mine? or in Brennos house? Or in the Balliwick?
One thing for sure this is a different French Chick!

she doesnt look like nothing she did just a few hours ago
then she was all sexy and hot... how could this happen? Witch craft? I dont know???

It was hard to concentrate, with the snorting and snoring sounding like a flock of enraged geese
I was sure what was happening to me?

Then there was a sudden loud noise and some offensive fumes!
After a few minutes I thought I was doomed!

pinned to the bed, she sleeping on top of my arm,
unable to get free, I began flopping around and shouting in alarm

It did no good, because of the crescendo of noise next to me
these are some desperate times indeed!

I held my breath until my eyes bugged out, my nose started getting runny
Thoughts of suffocation filled my head.. this situation was no longer funny!