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Monasteries called also Abbeys, are a special place on the map of the world of Renaissance Kingdoms. Monastery is a kind of town with special rules.

Unlike in normal towns, a resident may be a trusted person approved by the town's current ruler - the abbot. Abbot combines the offices of parish priest and mayor, and is elected by the monastic brethren called monks.

The monks, including the Abbot, have no houses or workshops; their only property is a cell granted by the monastery. In a cell, similar to an ordinary house, its occupant can store his belongings and money, and can manage property. The only property a monk may own at the monastery are two fields and an inn.

There are two reasonable grounds for the existence of a monastery in the game. Monks have the ability to make beer in the monastery workshop, which is cheaper than this purchased by the tavern panel. The existence of the monastery gives the Aristotelian church the ability to create and manage monastic orders, and it gives the monks themselves the ability to be monks and play out monastic life.


View of the monastery in browser


Monastery is the center of the monastery, it contains functionalities from Town Hall and Church.

My Parish

Like in Town Hall any visitor can see list of people that are in town, but also list of present monks in the abbey as different list.

Below of such lists, there are actions known from normal town church

  • work in the church (22 hours, +5 pounds, +1 reputation and + to virtue).
  • request for marriage
  • beg
  • give to beggars
  • confessions

And also information about mass times, chapel news, and diocese.

Election of the superior

Like in town's church, each 30 days there is election for Abbot. As description said, the power of votes depends on their faith. The candidate to the abbot may be visitor and member of the Abbey, but only monks, as residents, can vote in such election.

!! Warning: If visitor wins, it may lose all his secular goods, except character inventory.





Priest's Office


My cell

TBD: Description for location My Cell


TBD: Description for location Succursale


TBD: Description for location Market


TBD: Description for location Refectory

Workshop and fields

TBD: Description for location Workshop and fields


TBD: Description for location Travel

Being a monk, differences of life

TBD: Advantage of being a monk, Monk life possibilities, how to become a monk and how to leave the monastic life


There are currently only four monasteries [verification needed] in the Renaissance Kingdoms world:

  • Tastevin, located between Péronne and Amiens, specifically on node 333 in The County of Artois (Kingdom of France) [verification needed]
  • Heiligenbronn, located between Bad Mergentheim and Rothenburg, specifically on the ??? in the Burggrafschaft von Nurnberg (Sacrum Romanorum Imperium Nationis Germanicae) [verification needed]
  • Szent Pàl, located between Esztergom and Gyar, specifically on node 1017 in Magyar Kiralysag County (Hungary) [verification needed]
  • Valdiponte, located between Montepulciano and Aquila, specifically on node 1235 in Repubblica Fiorentina County (Italy) [verification needed]