Halloween Spitter

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The Halloween Spitted is an temporary event made by administrators.
Editions : 2019, 2020, 2021.

Goal of this game

Having a winning pattern playing this slot machine.

Earning tries

To have tries, many solutions are possible:

  • buying them directly using gems on the page of this game or in the premium access menu. > Tab "Miscellaneous Purchases" (2019,2020)
  • buying directly one try using 100 gems by clicking on the "fluorescent" lever. (2021)
  • a free try is given to this slot machine every 400 gems bought on the premium access. (By example, if you buy 900 gems, you will earn 2 tries)

How to play?

To play the Halloween Spitter, you just have to click on the pumpkin in the bottom right corner of the screen "Town"


To use a try, you need to click on the "fluorescent" lever on the right of the spitter.


Winning patterns (2021) are:

CracheurHalloweenGain00.png 3 oboli (30%) CracheurHalloweenGain01.png 30 pounds (46.99%)

CracheurHalloweenGain02.png Nightmare Beauty outfit (6 %) CracheurHalloweenGain03.png Scottish Deerhound (6 %)

CracheurHalloweenGain04.png Haunted Capeline (6 %) CracheurHalloweenGain05.png Ritual Dagger (5 %)

CracheurHalloweenGain06.png Nintendo Switch OLED (0.0001 %)




Possible rewards are:

  • A Switch OLED console to glow in the dark
  • The Nightmare Beauty outfit, stain-proof of course;
  • The Scottish Deerhound, a faithful doggie that will follow you to the end;
  • The Ritual Dagger, a letter opener you won't be able to put down;
  • The Haunted Capelin, a mysterious headpiece to die for ;)
  • But also tubby purses! (30 pounds)
  • Oboli