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The Sovereign is the character entrusted with the governance of a kingdom or empire.

They assume this position through sovereign elections and serve a unique term:

  • Their term lasts a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 8 months.
  • Importantly, they cannot abdicate; they rule until their character's in-game death.

In their Royal Office, Sovereigns hold significant authority and are empowered to undertake the following actions:

In recognition of their role, holding the position of sovereign entitles them to several benefits, including:


  • Upon the death of the Sovereign, the heir apparent takes over the regency. In the absence of an appointed heir apparent or if the heir apparent disappears before the next sovereign elections, the oldest count or duke in the kingdom will assume the regency.
  • For the sake of game balance and to ensure fair play, Sovereigns are under the supervision of the game administrators. This oversight is judiciously applied to prevent players from harming the game or violating its rules.