De natura deorum (On the Nature of the Gods)

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De natura deorum (On the Nature of the Gods), written by Cicero, is a book that can be found in the library of some counties and duchies.


To benefit from its effects when reading it, you must have:


When reading it, it is possible to get a bonus in Latin from 0 to 5% if you have a knowledge of Latin around 25%.

Idea passed on

When reading it, one can change one's belief to the idea "The Divine Being is almighty" according to the following rule: % belief after reading = Intelligence / 2

Scholastic skill learnt

No scholastic skill is imparted when reading it.


  • Comté de Provence (County of Provence)
  • Comté du Languedoc (County of Languedoc)
  • Comté du Limousin et de la Marche (County of Limousin and Marche)
  • Duché d'Alençon (Duchy of Alençon)
  • Duché du Bourbonnais-Auvergne (Duchy of Bourbonnais-Auvergne)
  • Duché de Touraine (Duchy of Touraine)
  • Grand Duché de Bretagne (Grand Duchy of Brittany)
  • Kraljestvo Celje (Kingdom of Celje)