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A clan member is a character who has chosen to join a family clan. One can only be a member of one clan at a time.

Clan members and the Head of the Clan are organised in the main hall at the Clan Registry.

A clan member who has more influence points than the clan leader can start a conspiracy.

Join a clan

To join a family clan, you must first choose the desired clan in the "Ranking" tab of the Clan Registry page, then click on the "Apply" button.

There are two conditions for joining a clan:

  • To have the agreement of the clan leader
  • To pay an entry fee which is proportional to the number of clan members. The fee can be shared between the applicant and the clan leader: at the time of application, the applicant can offer to pay the full amount of the entrance fee to the family clan, or only a part of it. The sum is only taken when the clan leader accepts the application. If the amount offered by the applicant or the amount available in the applicant's personal inventory is less than the entry fee, the clan leader must pay the difference with their own pounds in order to accept the application.

Leaving a clan

A character leaves their clan when:

  • They click on "leave clan" in the main hall of the family clan
  • They are set aside
  • They are a sovereign and their reign ends (death of the sovereign)

When the Head of the Clan leaves the clan, the new leader is the character with the most influence points in the clan. In case of a tie, the tie is broken by the character's seniority in the game.

Note: The Head of the Clan does not have a button to remove a clan member.