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The priest is the character at the head of a parish, responsible for the activities within the village church He’s appointed by the prayers of the parishioners of the parish where he’s running. To apply for parish priest, it’s not necessary for a character to be on the Way of the Church or to live in the village where he applying.

His mandate lasts 45 days

From his office, the parish priest perform the following:

  • Masses - can change the day and the time of masses (changes will be taken into account after the next mass). The mass of Sunday, 8h to 10h UTC is by default.
  • Purchases - to know the inventory of the church treasury. Spending money is disabled.
  • Change the message - he can write a message that will appear at Parish News
  • Big brother is watching them - he can know who attended the last liturgy and who donated money for the church
  • Resign - he can resign as parish priest
  • Publication of banns - to know the weddings scheduled in his parish. When a wedding begins, the parish priest can enter the church and lead the ceremony.
  • Donate some money to your diocese - to donate money to the Diocese (limit 150 punds / day)
  • Confessions - he see the list of parishioners who came to confession in the last two months

The position of parish priest allows you to obtain: