Curative compound

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Info button image.png Curativecompound.png A curative compound with the byname : (text written by the physician)

A curative compound is :

It cures :

  • Glairette BMG
  • Alexandrian Flu
  • Nagazudi's Flu
  • Tarraconensis Malum

His recipe, coming from the study of Hildegard code, takes into account symptoms from :

  • Fever
  • Tired
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Pain
  • Headaches

It can be sold or bought from the market of the town at a price between 10,00 and 200,95 pounds.

It has a weight of 4.

Remarks :

  • It can be made only by physicians.
  • There are 4 existing diseases at the moment.
  • His recipe takes into account 5 symptoms: digestive disorders are not taken into account.
  • It can not be requested on the market of the town.
  • Details of fabrication can be found here:

Study of Hildegard code

To make 1 to 5 curative compounds, the physician can study the Hildegarde code corresponding to a disease:

  • after an extensive consultation on a patient
  • from another curative compound that he didn't make himself

Making of curative compound

To make 1 to 5 curative compounds:

  • take until the end of the day, it is therefore not possible to work after during this day.
  • consume 1 to 5 complex potions.
  • need to strictly respect the recipe from the Hildegarde code to prevent, cure, the disease.

Remarks :

  • A curative compound which does not respect the recipe will have no effect on preventing or curing the disease.
  • Consuming a curative compound without needing it will have no counterparts, in contrary to potions.
  • The value of digestive disorders is ignored for the recipe of a curative compound. You could therefore have 0, 10, or even 50.

Example :

  • The recipe coming from the study of [[Hildegard code] is the following: 0-0-7-3-5

  • The sum of effects from simple potions should cure:
    • 0 in Fever
    • 0 in Tired
    • 7 in Respiratory difficulties
    • 3 in Pain
    • in Headaches
  • The mixture to obtain the complex potion should use:

Medicine Points

  • Make a curative compound allow the physician to obtain 400 medicine points.
  • Study with success a curative compound from another physician allow the physician to obtain 1000 medicine points.