Election of the parish priest

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The candidate for the position of parish priest must cumulatively fulfill the following:

  • be at least level 25
  • not to be in prison
  • to hold at least 20 pounds to pay the election fee

Remark: Remember that it is interesting to think about an electoral program before presenting yourself ...

When to apply?

A character can register for elections from the 14th day before the end of the current priest's term (election period) until one day before the end of the appointment.

The voting period for candidates is 7 days.

Remark: If a candidate has a level above 100 and has chosen the Church Path, the share of votes he receives increases by 50%. The parish priest will automatically retain office if there are no candidates until the end of the election

Who can vote?

In order to have the right to pray (vote) for the appointment of a priest you must cumulatively fulfill the following:

  • be at least level 25
  • not to be in prison
  • to live in the village where the parish priest is elected and to be present there

When to vote?

Prayer (voting) can be done from the eighth day from the beginning of the election campaign until the end. You can only pray (vote) once.

Resignation / Veto

If the parish priest resigns or is dismissed by the diocesan chancellor, the resignation / revocation takes effect immediately. The parish priest can no longer access his office (disappears from the menu) and his name is no longer displayed in front of the church.

The appointment of a new parish priest begins the next day (after reset). The election period is 6 days. A candidate may run from the day after the resignation / revocation and up to one day before the end of the voting. The villagers can pray from the day after their resignation until one day before the end of the vote.


  • Following the resignation / revocation of the priest, the following message is displayed: “The appointment of the priest has been canceled for an unknown reason. Go to the help desk to notify the Administrators". Disappears after the next reset.