Council election

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Concil elections are taking place every 60 days in the bailiwick of the town and have the purpose to elect counselors who are gonna run the duchy under the reign of the duke.

Voting system

Those elections are using the "party-list proportional representation", which means:

  • You are voting for only one list: it gives the vote for the entire list, not one specific member
  • Since there is twelve spots in the council,a list with 50% of the votes will get six spots.


Introducing a list

It is possibe to introduce a list:

  • From 30 days before the mandate's end of the actual council.
  • If you've the skill "County Ambitions"
  • If you pay 200 pounds necessary to the introduction of the list (this amount is given to the duchy)

List composition

Une list has twelve spots, the person introducing it being the head of the list.

The head of the list is the person who can pick which person is going to join the list, however, they will have to confirm their inscription to this list.

A single person can not be register on two different lists on the same election.

List validation

To be able to acquire votes, a list must have:

  • Twelve members that have confirm their inscription
  • Pay 1000 pounds. Every person in the duchy can help to pay this amount, which is given to the duchy

The vote

The vote's duration is six days, from the end of the seventh day before the mandate's end for the current council.

Is it possible to vote only once for each character, and for only one entire list. However, those being noble of the sword, even if they can only vote once, are giving two votes instead of one when voting.


At the end of this period, the result gives spot to each list proportionaly: 50% of votes=50% of spots.

If a list acquires 5 spots, then the first 5 characters of this list acquire them.


There is 1000 votes expressed and 3 lists:

  • One list "English wiki" which has 55%, hence 550 votes
  • One list "Celsius Online" which has 35%, hence 350 votes
  • One list "French wiki" which has 10%, hence 100 votes

There are 12 spots, 1000 votes, hence we give one spot each 83 votes (1000/12 = 83,33).

At the first round, we give:

  • 550/83 = 6,6 = 6 spots for the English wiki (remainder: 52 voix)
  • 350/83 = 4,2 = 4 spots for Celsius Online (remainder: 18 voix)
  • 100/83 = 1,2 = 1 spot for the French wiki (remainder: 17 voix)

There is still one spot to give. It will be given to the list which has the highest remainder, here the English wiki.


Spots at the council :

  • The first 7 of "English wiki"
  • The first 4 of "Celsius Online"
  • the head of the list "French wiki"

English wiki would have the absolute majority.

Election of the count (or duke)

At the end of the council election, when the twelve members of the council are elected, they have two days to elect among themselves a duke that will take charge and will give them a fonction. After those two days, if there is an equality, a new vote takes place, for two days, until the council finally agree to elect a duke.

During the election of the new duke, councelors from the previous mandate still have access to their offices, and should handle gestion of the county. During this period, a counselor who is not elected again can not give his resignation. During this period, a counselor newly elected is able to give its resignation. If he had already voted, the counselor who will replace him would not be able to vote.

At the end of each turn of this election, each concelor receives the result of the vote, knowing exactly who voted or who.


Every councel can put his resignation from the council. (Warning: there is no IG conformation after clicking)

When a counselor gives his resignation, he is replaced by the following one on his lis. If the twelth gives his resignation, he is not replaced.


  • Candidates 1, 2, 3 and 4 of a list are elected. If the fourth one resigns, the fifth one of that list enters the council.
  • Candidates 1, 2, 3 and 4 of a list are elected. If the third one resigns, the fifth one of that list enters the council.
  • Candidates 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 of a list are elected. If the third one resigns, the fifth one will enter the council. Then, if the second one resigns, the third one will enter the council, since he is the next on the list.

If the duke resigns durign his mandate, the following counselor of his list will enter the council, then new duke election will take place.

Deaths and eradications

A dead candidate, whatever the reason is, keeps his spot in an electoral list. He can be elected for the following mandate.

A dead counselor keeps his spot on the council. It is not possible to make him leave.


  • The list displayed first during an election is the one from which the head of the list has the more charisma.